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Step 1: Select one or more columns to be downloaded:

Column name Description Estimated size (MB)
PlantIDLORE1 mutant line identifier5.8
BatchBatch name of the line3.0
ChromosomeChromosome in which the LORE1 insertion is found3.1
PositionPosition in which the LORE1 insertion is found6.1
OrientationOrientation of the LORE1 insert0.8
FwPrimerForward primer designeed using Primer318.4
RevPrimerReverse primer designeed using Primer318.4
PCRInsPosSize of PCR product for lines with LORE1 insert2.2
PCRWTSize of PCR product for lines without LORE1 insert2.2
ColCoordColumn coordinate for sequencing3.0
RowCoordRow coordinate for sequencing3.0
CoordListCoordinates for all instances of the same insertion7.5
CoordCountAbsolute counts of each column and row coordinate5.3
TotalCoverageTotal coverage of the sequencing reads2.3
Estimated download size: 0 MB

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