Due to the upcoming release of version 4 of the Lotus genome and gene accession IDs, and that we are expecting coordinates to change drastically, we pre-empted a possible clash in the namespace of gene accessions. Therefore, we have implemented a change in version 3.0 gene accessions for Lotus japonicus with immediate effect.

For example, the old accessions ID for the gene “ATP synthase D chain-related protein” is Lj1g2536050.1. With the updated nomenclature where the version number is appended after the chromosome name, the new accession ID for the same gene will be Lj1g3v2536050.1.

A quick way to convert your existing gene IDs, should you want to search them against our databases, would be to append 3v after the Lj[…]g[…] text in your gene accession ID so that it becomes Lj[…]g3v[…]. The databases and site features affected by this update in nomenclature: