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An integrated information portal for Lotus

Lotus Base is an integrated information portal for the model legume Lotus japonicus. Similar to the creation of online portals for other model plants, Lotus Base is motivated by the fragmented landscape of Lotus data, and strives to provide comprehensive data and a unified workflow to legume researchers. In the spirit of open research, Lotus Base is open source and free-of-charge.

Further information on how Lotus Base is implemented can be gleaned from our published paper:

Mun, T., Bachmann, A., Gupta, V., Stougaard, J., Andersen, S.U. (2016). Lotus Base: An integrated information portal for the model legume Lotus japonicus. Sci. Rep. doi:10.1038/srep39447.


Looking for something? Use the search form below to start mining through currently available Lotus data.

Search for a candidate gene or transcript using an internal identifier. Alternatively, use keywords for a full-text search.

Search for predictions based on GO terms and prediction domains (InterPro, PFam, Superfamily, etc.).

Search for LORE1 lines of interest using an internal ID.

Using LORE1 lines

The LORE1 lines are currently shipped free of charge and MTAs are not required. If you have used published protocols in establishing an independent LORE1 mutagenesis population, please cite the following papers, published back-to-back in Plant Journal:

  • Urbanski et al. (2012). Genome-wide LORE1 retrotransposon mutagenesis and high-throughput insertion detection in Lotus japonicus. Plant J., 69(4). doi:10.1111/j.1365-313X.2011.04827.x.
  • Fukai et al. (2012) Establishment of a Lotus japonicus gene tagging population using the exon-targeting endogenous retrotransposon LORE1 (2012). Plant J., 69(4). doi:10.1111/j.1365-313X.2011.04826.x.

For the general use of LORE1 mutants, we ask you to cite:

For further citation help, please refer to the citation guide.

The majority of the LORE1 lines are released pre-publication, and the Centre for Carbohydrate Recognition and Signalling reserves the right to undertake and publish large-scale analysis of the insertion site data. Large-scale in this context refers to any sequence intervals or combinations thereof that exceed one megabase in length.

Should you encounter any difficulty in using this site, you can look up the end-user documentation.

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    The provision of LORE1 insertional mutagenesis lines free-of-charge has allowed us to attract plant researchers across the globe to expand our current understanding and knowledge of the model legume Lotus japonicus. You can order your line(s) of interest now with our online form.