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Please complete the following form to place an order on your LORE1 lines for interest. You may only proceed to the next step when the current step is complete and valid, but you may navigate between previously cleared step.

Only the Danish LORE1 lines can be ordered from this form. Please refer to LegumeBase if you wish to place an order for Japanese LORE1 lines.

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    By placing an order with our system, you consent that:

    • You are responsible for the mailing outcome. We send LORE1 seeds out in regular, untracked mail. Shipment to certain regions/countries in the world will require a phytosanitary certificate. Should such certificate be required, the customer will bear the cost of such application. Please contact us if you need to apply for a phytosanitary certificate.
    • You will cite the following manuscripts should plant materials derived from said ordered LORE1 mutant lines are used in any published materials:
      • The LORE1 resource: Małolepszy et al. (2016). The LORE1 insertion mutant resource. Plant J. doi:10.1111/tpj.13243.
      • Use of Lotus Base: Mun et al. (2016). Lotus Base: An integrated information portal for the model legume Lotus japonicus. Sci. Rep. doi:10.1038/srep39447.
      • LORE1 mutagenesis methods (two papers to be cited together):
        • Urbanski et al. (2012). Genome-wide LORE1 retrotransposon mutagenesis and high-throughput insertion detection in Lotus japonicus. Plant J., 69(4). doi:10.1111/j.1365-313X.2011.04827.x); and
        • Fukai et al. (2012) Establishment of a Lotus japonicus gene tagging population using the exon-targeting endogenous retrotransposon LORE1 (2012). Plant J., 69(4). doi:10.1111/j.1365-313X.2011.04826.x.

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