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Creating networks of genes whose expression meet a certain correlation threshold is a time-consuming process. Therefore, there is a provision for pre-made networks of most commonly-used parameters, so that you do not have to wait for your own job to be finished.

Select from the dropdown list below of pre-made networks. All networks are made with all columns included: should you want to subset the data, you will have to create your own network.

Do not be alarmed if a network generated with identical settings look different that our pre-made sets: network generation is a non-deterministic process. While the nodes and their relationships are identical, the way they are laid out differs from job to job.



If no columns are selected by the user, all columns will be queried, returning a full dataset (default behavior).

Enter a keyword to filter conditions. Each space-separated keyword is treated as an AND, i.e. the condition has to match all listed keywords:


By providing us an email, you will be promptly notified when your job has been completed. This field is optional.


Generating co-expression network is a resource-intensive process, and therefore we require anonymous users to authenticate themselves as human before proceeding. To avoid the need to verify your identity, you can log in with your account, or register for new one.

Select, or drag and drop your CORNEA job output into the box below. You can provide either a .json or .json.gz file.

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Invalid JSON

The JSON file you have provided is not valid. However, not all is lost—you can paste your raw JSON into a linting tool, and you might be able to fix the error yourself. If you are confident that the JSON file was not modified and the error is from the server-side, please open a ticket.

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Incomplete data

The data object, and/or its compulsory constituents, edges and nodes, are missing. Without these data a network map cannot be generated.

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