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What is Lotus Base

Lotus Base is an integrated information portal for the model legume Lotus japonicus. Similar to the creation of Araport and SoyBase, Lotus Base is motivated by the fragmented landscape of Lotus data, and strives to provide comprehensive data and a unified workflow to legume researchers.

Design principles

OS-agnoticism & standards compliance

We are aware of how the use of modern, standards-compliant web technology helps to improve user experience and ensure efficient use of computing resources in browsers. Lotus Base is powered by a suite of browser technology, leveraging on the efficiency of JS engines and HTML5 API.

Open source, community-powered

Many features and toolkits are facilitated, built on, or running off open source projects—d3, Grunt, JBrowse, MailChimp API, SequenceServer, SigmaJS, etc. On a similar vein, Lotus Base is an open source project whose code base is freely accessible to the public and hosted on GitHub. Moreover, we offer a REST service through an API endpoint.

Modular construction

Lotus Base has a modular construction, meaning that additional toolkits and services may be built onto it easily. We adopt object-oriented codes for easy integration of new functionalities and features.

Ethical design

We adopt a user-centric and ethical design, which prioritises user privacy and ownership over their own data. You can read our terms of use and privacy policy here.

How can I cite Lotus Base?

The manuscript for Lotus Base is currently in press, and should be citated as the following:

Mun et al. (2016). Lotus Base: An integrated information portal for the model legume Lotus japonicus. Sci. Rep. doi:10.1038/srep39447

For additional guidelines towards citing resources hosted on Lotus Base, please refer to the citation guide.

Meet the team

Lotus Base is powered by a small group of researchers from the Centre for Carbohydrate Recognition and Signalling, Aarhus University, Denmark. You can learn more about us here.