Lotus Base

After in a few years of continuous development and a total of 160,000+ lines of code written, we are soft-launching Lotus Base, an online resource platform for the model legume Lotus japonicus.

What is Lotus Base?

Lotus Base aims to be a one-stop online resource for everything concering the model legume Lotus japonicus. We are currently hosting both v2.5 and v3.0 of the L. japonicus genome, as well as other databases associated with it, such as LORE1 insertions, protein sequences, coding sequences, mRNA libraries and more.

LORE1 lines ordering

For now we are sticking to the old site for processing LORE1 orders, due to delays in implementing the new order system. We will let you know once this migration in complete. Otherwise, the ordering protocol is the same as usual.

Made by users, for users

Lotus Base is developed in-house in the Centre for Carboydrate Recognition and Signalling, Aarhus University, Denmark. Before this public release, we have tested the site extensively with the help of our own users—the user experience of the site is tailored to the needs of researchers like us.

We have an extensive set of tools for the end-user, and have integrated various third-party, open-source project to make most of our resources easily available to the public. For example, we are using SequenceServer as a wrapper for NCBI BLAST binaries to power our customized BLAST, as well as JBrowse for our genome browser. We will update these tools on a regular basis whenever we see fit.

We have some tools that are only available for internal access, marked with a “Closed Beta” message if you ever encounter them. If you want to gain access to them, please contact us.

Help us make Lotus Base better

If you have encountered any technical issues with using the site, feel free to let us know via our issue tracker. We have a small but dedicated team of developers working on the project.

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