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Each gene may have one or more predicted transcripts/proteins (known as isoforms) mapped to it. Navigate to individual isoforms for further details, such as domain prediction and GO term mappings.

Transcript Description Start End Strand
LotjaGi4g1v0343900.1 Nuclear transcription factor Y subunit B; TAIR: AT2G47810.1 nuclear factor Y, subunit B5; Swiss-Prot: sp|O82248|NFYB5_ARATH Nuclear transcription factor Y subunit B-5; TrEMBL-Plants: tr|A0A0B2QYD6|A0A0B2QYD6_GLYSO Nuclear transcription factor Y subunit B-5; Found in the gene: LotjaGi4g1v0343900 72373176 72374451 +

Expression data

Expression pattern

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